photo 1-1photo 2-1My find today was a case of right place, right time and was completely unexpected. I was actually shopping for a new sport bar, quite an investment if you’re me, and passed my favourite YMCA charity shop and thought, ‘hey, why not pop in?

And what I found was this stunning hall stand, with a cut out heart detail and the enamel drip catchers in place. I bagged it at once, with the proviso that if I couldn’t get it in the car, I could get a refund.

photo 1 photo 2Well, we could get it in, and while we were discussing another purchase (more later), three other people tried to buy it off us, so I think we’re onto a winner.

See the storage box on the left? I mean to decorate the inside with decoupage only, as a hidden detail. The four hooks are lovely, but sadly one is broken, so I will look to find four to replace these, but I won’t be throwing these three away, I’ll be using them for the new hooks in the kitchen I was going to buy.

photo 3 photo 4The mirror is a lovely touch and undamaged, though there is a little damage on the lid of the storage box. I may decoupage the lid of this too then, to cover the damage.

And the drip catchers at the bottom are great, the wooden surround is a little water damaged, and it might be worth using a few layers of varnish on this rather than the wax I might usually use to finish the surface to help maintain it. photo 3-1Now, as far as the re-vamp goes, I am seeing this as absolutely farm house/shabby chic, country kitchen to the max, as it were. I’m just debating the colours, and deciding between what I think of as ‘Old lavender’ , which is vintage white over lilac, rubbed back to reveal the under colour, with the box decorated in lavender flowers, or ‘French grey’, which is two tone grey with little hints of gunmetal.

Keep watching for up dates on how it goes, and when it’s ready for sale.