Our living room is currently in re~vamp chaos, but has a Japanese maple tree wall photo in the sofa alcove, and I’m slowly repainting the walls yellow, both to pick up on the colours in the photo mural and to bring light into what can be a dark room. 

Along with this we have the standard issue square faux habitat storage units, which we bought when we move in and have always meant to replace, and which are currently crammed with junk.

Yes, they are a mess, but they have the potential to be given new life.

So I’ve been researching to get some inspiration, and I think I have a cunning plan…….

  I wanted to bring an element of the yellow colour into the boxes, and I thought about painting the frame dark and the doors yellow, but was worried this would be a bit wasp-y? But then I found this, which I do like, the aged yellow colour is not to on your face, but would pick up on the colour scheme.
 I love the beautiful images painted here, with the traditional painting, but I don’t think I want all the boxes decorated like this, they might get a bit busy all together.

asian-china-cabinets-and-hutchesThen I discovered these traditional step chests – Tansu chests – which have a similar feel to the storage cubes.

Some of them have darker frames around the doors, which I really like, and the doors have a lighter finish to create a contrast. The originals are obviously made from beautiful hardwoods and reply on the beauty of the wood grain for their decoration, but of course my poor old cubes are just veneered chip board, so no wood grain there.

But you can create something with the feel of wood using torn papers, either kraft paper, tissue paper or mulberry paper, and so I had the idea of covering the doors with this effect, and then staining the outer frame with a deep oak varnish.


Something like this, perhaps?

But then I do want a hint of the yellow in the finished pieces, and so I’m thinking of using origami papers to line the inside of the doors, so there’s a flash of yellow when the doors open, and you can see the yellow inside the open cubes.

There are also two more standard rectangular cupboards, which will get the same treatment, so a lot to be getting on with – I’ll be posting updates as I go, so follow and see how I get on if you want how to do it tips.$_12