This is how I finished my lovely hall stand, and if you’d like to buy it, Here is the link to eBay!
In this last stage, I’m working on the drip stand. I want to make it pretty and water proof, and I like the distressing which has happened with use, so I chose a vintage style roses pattern of paper. I cut this into squares and began layering it on, using floor grade varnish rather than glue. This builds up layers of water proofing to help protect the wood. Use it just as you would pva and water glue, paint it on and smooth out the bumps if you need too, and use a varnish which is cleaned up with soapy water.  I just papered over the holes at first, left it to dry and then trimmed it away later, I find this can make a neater finish.
  What I’m doing here is using the rose paper inside the box lid. To make it look further aged, I crumple some cream tissue paper and smooth it out again leaving the wrinkles, then paste it on. When this is dry I’ll sand it back, leaving a trace of the wrinkles only which gives an nice worn away touch.I didn’t want to try to cover these features but use them, so I didn’t fill in this hollow with the paper. When it was dry, I sanded it back to soften and blend in the edges further.

The final stage once I’d worked all the paper over with steel wool, then coated it all in varnish – three coats on the drip tray, was to attach the two new coat hooks. I chose to arrange them diagonally – one each top and bottom, because of where the original holes were drilled and because it looked a little cute and quirky, and the beautiful stand is ready. 

I am really pleased at how this turned out, and I’m almost sad to let it go, but it’s not for sale on ebay. I hope at least you’ve been given some ideas to help your own projects come to life by seeing what I’ve done, and if you have please share my post – sharing is caring!