I am not going to bore you with my lament of those of Irish descent trapped under a merciless meditaranian sun, but instead through I would share some of the images which are fuelling my interior design plans. I cannot wait to get home, and indeed to my new home, and start putting some of them into practice. Not least because it will be colder then…….

This is a typical shot of a typical Amalfi house, with all those fantastic shades of peach, russet, ochre and sennia brown you see everywhere. 

Here is a beautifully aged wall, the stucco plaster peeling back and revealing the colours of past frescos. This is the kind of treatment I want to create on the walls of our dining room, if I am allowed!

This is the tomb of St Andrea, which I have collected for the colour palette I want for the dining room, rather than the depiction of saints!

More later, unless I shrivel up first!