Amalfi is full of little passage ways and tunnels, being built into a cliff face as it is. This creates many vertiginous stairways and vantage points, which are magical as well as hard work on the knees.

Obviously I’m not planning to dig tunnels through the new house in order to replicate these intriguing vistas, but I would like to use a hint of their cool atmosphere and colours in my interior plans.

In the new place we’re going to have a separate dining room with a snug on one side, as well as a sitting room/lounge, and spending time in Amalfi and its beautiful piazzas has given me an idea for this dining space. Yes, we spent a lot of time eating outside long into the night.
I love these colours and the texture of the walls, the layered plaster and beautifully aged quality, and the windows with shutters. I’ve see mirrors for sale which also have the shutters on the mimicking this style, and I’d like to use them for my new scheme. My idea is to create the feeling of this outside space inside, to imagine that the walls of the space are the external walls of buildings like this, with the mirrors in place of mirrors. Not sure if I can go as far as to add balconies, but why not create shelves that reflect this to display house plants and whatever on? The floors in the room are hard wood already, so I’ll be looking to sand and stain them a nice pale colour, and I might even look to find some outside lighting for the inside too.

But it’s the colours which I think are key, that time worn peach and ochre that just oozes sunshine and balmy nights – life might not always be a holiday, but there’s not harm in trying to create a home which feels like one at the end of a long day.

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