Moving house has eaten up a lot of the last few months and still continues to do so, but I thought I would share a little easy Christmas decoration make by way of a seasonal gift.

group of ballsWhen planning Christmas decore, and I do, I often like to focus on texture. I wanted to use a colour theme of forest green with frosted pastel accents, and to add in lots of soft, fuzzy, warm textures. With this in mind I came up with these dead easy to make christmas baubles, both to hang on the tree and round the room, and to use in floral displays with ever green fronds of pine etc. They really are simple, and here’s how you do them.

One: ¬†All you need is some yarn in the colours you’ve chosen, and a bauble.

materialsChoose one that fits in with your colour schemes as the idea is a little of it peeps through the yarn wrapping to add a subtle glitter. I have chosen a ribbon yarn for this one which is space dyed in the shades of pink with a hint of green I’m using. This is a great way of using up all those funky eyelash yarns that you bought but then can’t quite work out what to make into, other than yet another scarf.


starting to wrapWhat I like about this is that you don’t use glue at all. This means you don’t get sticky fingers, and also you can always unwrap the balls later and re-use.

Wrap the yarn around the top to anchor it, then begin to wrap the yarn round the ball. It might be a bit slippy at first, especially if you have a shiny ball like this, but pull the yarn tight, go slow and it will soon build up. The more layers you build up, the easier they will hold to the ball and the faster you can go.

wrapping the ballKeep wrapping, trying all the time to wrap the yarn through each ‘hole’, if you see what I mean. Keep turning the ball and you can easily get the yarn to cover all the surface. (Of course, you can use glue or even a strip of double sided tape to help keep it in place, which is good if you’re doing this with kids.)



finish the stringWhen you’ve wrapped all the ball like this, cut the yarn leaving about 20 cm loose. To finish off I pull the loose end of yarn through the wrapping near the top of the ball. Here I’m using tweezers, but you can fiddle it through with your fingers, or thread the yarn through a wide eyed needle, or even use a hair pin like a needle.


pulling the loop throughI then pull a loop of yarn through the eye of the ball – do I mean eye? Well, the hanging loop anyway – pull a loop through but don’t pull the yarn all the way through. You then thread the end of the yarn through this loop and pull. This secures the yarn and leaves you with a long tail you can use to make into a hanging loop for the tree or whatever.



finishing the loop

finished ballAnd there it is – the little gaps will catch the light but the yarn creates the soft, tailor made colour and surface I was after.

Any yarn can be used, I’ve also made some using soft and fluffy yarns which look really cute and snuggly.



pink fluffy

I hope you enjoy making these soft, tactile additions to your Christmas decor!

group of balls