If like me you collect fabrics because one day they might be useful for SOMETHING, especially clothes from carboot sales you know you’ll never wear, this is my guide on not how to drown in them.
1) get out your ironing board

You never have as much space as you want, so ironing boards make great work surfaces, but more importantly you should press everything. If you try and work with wrinkled fabric, you’ll always find it depressing and put things off, so get ready to press as you go.
2) Break down your purchases into usable pieces as soon as possible.

Cut down the seams and open up all the darts to maximise your workable fabric. Press these pieces once broken down.
3) cut those panels into project ready pieces.

I’m cutting these panels into circles to make fabric pumpkins (more on them later) so I’m using a plate as a template. Cut out your circles or squares etc and press again – these can be now put away ready, taking up far less space than whole garments and are ready to work with.

4) if the garment has buttons and ribbons to match, cut them off and keep with the cut pieces in ziplock bags so you don’t lose them. And if you’re really cunning, you may like to snip up the scraps to use as stuffing, a good tip when working with slightly transparent fabrics!


Find out how to make this in my next blog!