​So, to see how I got here, today I found these beautiful heavy glass bowls in the charity shop. If I had the right drill bit, I would have been tempted to drill holes in them and turn them into a cascade, but I haven’t and I’d only break them. Oh, and I don’t have a pump, just a bubbler.

Any way,  the bigger dish was too big, it would have channeled the water out of the concrete bowl. But the smaller one fitted fine, and the holes round the edge let me thread the tube for the bubbler into the centre.

I had then put in some rocks to raise the bowl up to the rim of the concrete bowl, and poured in some of my sea glass collection underneath, which is visible through the glass. Of course this all takes adjusting by trial and error, but finally I was happy and added in a traditional glass fishing float I was left by my mum. And then, the power of the sun and……..

Well, there wasn’t much sun about, because although yes, this is a shade garden, the solar panel is on top of the wall which creates the shade….only it was behind a cloud. When there’s a bot more sun, the bubble creates masses of bubbles which should both oxygenate the water and keep it moving to hopefully keep down algae, though I may try adding salt to the water which also helps. Or alcohol,  that helps too!