To add to the pumpkins I’ve been making for my Autumn wreath, I’ve used up the spare circles of fabric to make simple spiral roses. These are dead easy, you just cut a spiral from your circle and roll them up, stitching through the bottom as you go. Sometimes I pleat as I go to make the ‘petals’ spread out more, and after its done I pull and pluck at the edges to fray them, as I like the slightly tatty feel this gives them.

Now I’ve finished all the roses and pumpkins, I thought I’d show you how I assemble the wreath. With the pumpkins, I like to sew them onto a copper wreath frame. It’s always a good idea to arrange your pieces on one wreath frame and then transfer them one by one onto the frame you’re actually going to use, as this mean you can get your arrangement right before attaching, so you don’t make a mistake and have to un-attach things.

I first wrapped the top section of the frame with twine, as I wanted a rustic feel. And yes, you can wrap the whole wreath like this first, but sometimes I find that make it harder to attach the pumpkins, as they’re firmer sewn to the copper frame rather than string wrapped over the copper frame. Oh, and I didn’t have enough twine, and I’m on a budget.


I sewed on the pumpkins, some sort of front on, some balancing on the others to give a feeling of a pile of produce. Then I added the roses, which I sewed onto the frame in the same way at the pumpkins.

If you do wrap the whole frame in twine, you can poke the roots of the roses through the twine and stitch, as they’re lighter this works better with them than it might the pumpkins.



There we go, my pumpkin patch wreath – bring on the Autumn!