I wanted to make a pin cushion which my baby boy wouldn’t be able to get to and hurt himself with, but also one I could see the needles and pins easily when I needed to. I had an idea, and got a clean clippy lid type jar and the first bit of scrap fabric I could find.

Using the principal of guestimation, I drew a circle round a bowl I had to hand and cut it out.

I then ran a running stitch round the edge to draw it up into a….well, a….cushion? And stuffed it with wool off cuts to make it nice and……cushion-y.


Then you just pop your cushion into the bottom of the jar, glue it down if you want, and you can add your pins, then lock them safely away. Ok, I would imagine you could make a more complicated and prettier pin cushion by cutting a circle to the size of the base of the jar, and then cutting out segments all in a pretty fabric, but then I was in a bit of a hurry and this is a quick and easy make. But I might have a go at one when I have more time, now that I’ve somewhere safe to keep my pins!