I'm a bit obsessed with Pom-poms and wreathed, so it makes sense to combine both and feed two fetishes at once. Although I love huge, complex ideas with lots of bits, sometimes the simplicity of colour and texture wins out and makes the best statement, and this wreath is a case in point.
I wanted to express the change of season in colour, as well as the sense of leaves falling, so I thought if I graded my colours from summer green to brown, that would create the right effect

I started with the largest size in my pompom maker kit and made 12, starting with the dark green and blending two colours together to create the transitions smoothly. As a ball of wool is a finite thing, I didn't always have enough (I bought one ball in each colour at first) to do two pale green, two green and yellow mixes and two dark and light green mixes, for example, but I found that just making as much as I could and not having two solid colours in each stage worked fine.

I decided the first row needed more fullness, and so I added in a second row of smaller balls mixing up what I had left. I did buy a second ball of pale green, orange and yellow, but I didn't use exactly the same mixes though I tried to reflect the colour changes in the main ring never the less.
I should add I built this on a simple copper wreath ring and first of all I wrapped the ring in a random layer of yarn to create a base. I have some cool vintage sail making needles –

Which are perfect for stitching the poms in place and are easy to thread, but any big eyed needle will work.

All in all, as I buy my yarn from the Saturday market and charity shops so it's pretty cheap, as you only need basic acrylic dk yarn for pom-poms, the whole thing cost me £15 to make including the wreath frame, and I think it's really affective!

Bring on the autumn!